Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and it is represented by the star (the Pentagram) with five wings. It is also represented by the five-sided polygon – Pentagon.

A pentagon is a five-sided polygon with five edges. The five sides of the polygon correspond to the five wings of the Pentagram.

Five wings of Pentagram = 7, 2, 3, 4, 5

Side 1 in Pentagon = Wing 7 in Pentagram

Jupiter is the star of the West or the evening star. It is the product of the union of Wing 6 and Wing 1 of the six wings of the star Saturn. Star Saturn is represented by the Hexagram. The union of the two wings reduced the six wings of Saturn to five wings and creates a new Wing 7.

Saturn has six wings and Jupiter has five wings. The number of wings defines of the planet defines the position of the planet in the Solar System.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun because of its six wings.

We know that the plane shape corresponding to Saturn is the Hexagon. Hexagon is a plane shape with six sides and six edges. The six sides of the hexagon correspond to the six wings of the star Saturn.

The six sided hexagram in Saturn’s North Pole reflects the six wings of the star Saturn and the six sides of its plane shape.

Immediately the six wings were converted to five wings, the star changed from the morning star – Saturn – to the evening star – Jupiter. This transition of the star from Saturn to Jupiter is a sudden and swift change depicted as happening like as the speed of lightning.

Wing 7 is the only perfection in the star Jupiter. Since there are three persons in the Blessed Trinity, and the Father is the first person, the Father is the only perfection in the star Jupiter. Therefore, Jupiter represents God the Father - the first person of the Blessed Trinity – at this stage of development.

Jupiter is the only state of God known in Judaism. Small wonder they couldn’t accept any notion of God the Son when Jesus appeared among them. They couldn’t because such knowledge was not available at the time.

Therefore Jewish Year 5777 is the year of Judaism. 5 - In 5777 - means Jupiter – the star of perfection in Judaism. At perfection in the Father, and imperfection in the Son and the Holy Spirit, Judaism is perfect.  The crown of perfection of Judaism was the Ministry of John – the founding of the Orthodox Church.

‘5’ means the Old Testament, the Testament of the prophecies of the Hebrew prophets of old. This means that we are at the beginning - the Genesis of Worship.

5 = the Beginning
  = Genesis
  = The Birth of John the Baptist

‘777’ is the Trinity – the perfect state of God. It is the perfect state of the Father, the perfect state of the Son, and the perfect state of the Holy Spirit. Perfection is the end – the Revelation.

777 = perfection
        = the End
        = Revelation

Therefore Jewish year 5777 is the Year of the Beginning and the End. It is the year of Genesis and Revelation. It is the year Judaism was united with God in all His Perfection. It is the year of the Transfiguration, when Moses and Elijah stood with God on the Holy Mountain. This was the year Peter, James and John saw when Christ stood on a high mountain and Moses and Elijah stood with him.

Christ = God
           = 777

The high mountain is the sky. How they stood on the high mountain with Christ is explained by how the planets transformed from Jupiter to the New Earth. Earth here means human beings on Earth who are now the image and likeness of God by virtue of the fact that they have now attained the perfect state of God. These people are a new creation, different from the former people who didn’t know God. Because they know God, they are now like God.

Who are these people? They are the Christians. The Christians are contained in the body of Christ through faith. When Christ attained the state of perfection 777, they attained perfection with Christ through faith.

777 = Christ
       = Christians

Therefore Jewish Year 5777 is the year Christianity was reconciled with Judaism.

5 = Judaism
   = Old Testament
   = Moses and Elijah

777 = the Church
       = New Testament
       = Christ

“Then the three disciples saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus” (Matthew 17:3)

The three disciples = the Trinity
                               = 777
                               = the church
                               = Christ

Moses and Elijah = the Law and the Prophets

Therefore, ‘5’ is equal to 5 persons:

And ‘777’ is equal to three persons:

Recall that 5 – Jupiter – was in the state of a single 7. Therefore the two persons: Moses and Elijah are equal to 7.

Moses and Elijah = 7

These two persons are two dimensions:

The two dimensions are equal such that they form the Length and the Breadth of a Square:

The square formed is the New Jerusalem – the Holy City of God or the Holy Mountain of God.

Each 7 is a square itself. Therefore the New Jerusalem is a perfect square made up of four squares:

Moses and Elijah are the Length and the Breadth of the Holy City – the Square.

Wide = Width
          = 7
          = Elijah

Long = Length
          = 7
          = Moses

Elijah is the sum of James and John, and Moses is reflected as Peter. This means that the Blessed Trinity: Peter, James and John, is simply Moses (Peter) and Elijah (James and John). When the three looked into heaven and saw Jesus communicating with Moses and Elijah, they were looking at themselves in communication with Christ in heaven.