The World Power Prepared to Stop Jesus

Wondering why the Church and Christians were always soft targets for the wicked rulers on earth? They regard the Christians as natural threats to their rule even though the Christians weren't raising arms to overthrow them.

The Roman Republic at that time was at the height of government on earth; which means that the Roman Politicians were the ones governing the sky.

The Roman gods came to set up their Temples (and the Headquarter of their empire) in the area around the Seven Hills of Rome because the area was at the core of the universe. They knew that whoever has his throne there is the king of the universe. Jesus was coming from the distant past to set up his throne there; but the Devil rushed down first to set up his own throne where God's throne should be.

When the Romans were building Temples and offering sacrifices on the Hills of Rome, they were worshiping Idols at the core of the universe. They were using sorcery, magic and fortune-telling to dominate and rule the rest of humanity.

All the sacrifices and offerings in the area called the Seven Hills of Rome were rebellion and contradictions against God; and the Roman Empire was set up to oppose God and stop God's Kingdom from emerging on earth. The close proximity between Rome and the Church was rather an inconvenient alliance. It wasn't an alliance per se!  It was the Devil sitting in the Holy Place calling himself God.

The rush by the Devil to take charge and control the kingdom of God was how the mysterious Dragon appeared close to Mary (the Church) in order to eat up Jesus immediately he was born. They are monitoring the Church Day and Night, hoping that the Church will inform them when Jesus is born.

They were set out to undermine the Church right from the onset. They conceived a secret plan to first make the Church important, and then discard it and go back to their former ways of life. They gathered into the Church and took control of the Church’s machinery in order to prevent other peoples from building the body of Christ. They brought Idolatry (and other awful things) into the Church and ruined the reputation of the Church in order to portray the Church as evil to the rest of the world. When they were satisfied that they have totally ruined the reputation of the Church, they began to stay away from the Church.

These ones who were ones in the Church, but are now outside the Church, are the one third of the Church that fell from the sky. The original nature of the sky is the Church. Worshiping there was being in the sky, and abandoning the Church is falling from the sky. Those who left the Church were the stars the tail of the Dragon (the tail of the Devil) swept from the sky and threw to the earth. 

These were the ones accusing the Church of violence and war. The violence and war they accused the Church of was conceived and executed by them (and their ancestors) in order to give the Church a bad reputation. They perpetuated these crimes when they seized control of the Church and used it to advance their quest to rule over the whole earth.

The wicked that are bent on preventing God’s kingdom from coming on earth believe that a fulfilled life is when a man satisfies all the desires of his flesh. They want to cut all the flowers in the field and place them on their hairs, use the best perfumes, put on the most colorful and most expensive clothes, have the most expensive Jewelries, eat the best and most expensive foods, drink the best wine, sleep in the best mansion, drive the best and most expensive cars, etc. They believe that life ends with satisfying the needs of the flesh.

These were the ones hostile to the truth. They don’t want the truth to come out because their lies will be seen by all.  

They weren’t looking forward to the coming of the Kingdom of God. Rather, they were afraid of what the coming of the Kingdom of God might mean for them. They weren’t seeking the salvation of their souls. They regard the coming salvation as doom, and they regard the Day of the Lord as the Day of Doom. That is why they are desperate about stopping that Day from coming.

The close proximity between the epicenter of the Roman Empire and the Vatican City portrays how the Dragon stands in front of the woman in order to eat up her son as soon as it was born. The Dragon is the Roman Empire, the woman is the Mary (the Catholic Church or the Vatican City), and the Son is Jesus.

The close relationship between the Vatican City and the Church explains the close relationship between the Church and the World Power. The Authority of the World Power over the earth is threatened by the coming of the Kingdom of God, therefore all the kings of the earth (and all rulers on earth) are natural enemies of the coming Kingdom of God. They don't want it because the Word of God says Jesus is their King. They are not wiling to be subjects to the future king.

All the kings and rulers on earth were preparing to destroy Jesus ones he was born. But none of the politicians or the leaders of the Church knew when he was born. God kept it secret from the Church because of the close relationship between the rulers of the earth and the Church. Jesus' birth was to remain secret until the Devil is thrown down from the sky.

The Devil is now falling from the sky.