The Seven Hills of Rome

The Seven Hills of Rome were the seven heads of the beast on which the woman Babylon sat. The beast was the Roman Empire which originated from these seven hills, and had its powers concentrated on the area occupied by the seven hills. This means that the Roman Empire had its pagan headquarter and political capital concentrated in the area occupied by the seven hills of Rome.

The seven hills are:

Beast means wild animal or Empire. As a wild animal, the word describes insanity among the rulers and the people of the Roman Empire. The people  are implicated in the madness because Rome was a Republic, which means that the rulers were given mandates to act the way they did.

Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon is a figure representing the ruler of the earth. He is the characteristic of a typical ruler of the earth. He was so drunk with power that he became proud and arrogant, and the height of his arrogance was crowned with insanity. This means that when the Roman Empire attained the state of World Power, the Seven Hills of Rome where the Roman Empire originated became King Nebuchadnezzar, and the Roman Republic became the nation Babylon.

The Emperors of pagan Rome were Nebuchadnezzar personified. The most notorious of Nebuchadnezzar's personality in pagan Rome was Nero. He was about persecution of God's people, demonstration of Insanity and the replay of King Nebuchadnezzar's trickery. He was so good at being Nebuchadnezzar that it was believed he lived beyond his time.

Insanity was how King Nebuchadnezzar was driven from the midst of human civilization into the wild where he slept in the open, and ate and lived with wild animals. It was during the time when Nebuchadnezzar was a wild animal in the wild that King Nebuchadnezzar earned the name the beast.

During his time in the wild, King Nebuchadnezzar was practically irrational. He was unpredictable, doing things only insane minds would do.

The facial expression and the body language of the most powerful man on earth clearly shows that the man was insane. The most dangerous thing on earth is when the most powerful individual on earth is insane. Who would give him advice? Who can control his actions and decisions? Who will step forward to say that the king is insane? Who will chain him?

When Germany became World Power Adolf Hitler developed the mind of the beast (the mind of Nebuchadnezzar) and no one was able to chain him. The rest of the world looked on until he dragged the whole world into global bloodbath.

The interesting thing to note is that the king was not alone; a large population of the people had the same mind with the king. This means that, as a Republic, the citizens of that country have also developed the mind of the beast. The king was only representing the society.

Since the Roman Empire was the seat of Nebuchadnezzar, the seven hills were the seven heads of King Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar was the Dragon with Seven Heads, therefore, Rome was the Dragon with Seven Heads. On this Dragon or Beast with Seven Heads sat the Roman Republic.The Roman Republic was the nation called Babylon. Therefore, the mysterious woman sitting on a red beast with seven heads was the Roman Republic. This means that the Roman Republic was the woman named Babylon

Babylon was about idolatry. The republic was founded on idols and the statues of the idols are everywhere in Rome. As the Roman Empire spreads out of Rome to other parts of the world, the Pagan Rome was conveyed to other parts of the earth. The empire was practically using violence and war to impose idolatry on people of other nations, tribes, races and languages. This was how the beast with seven horns carried the woman (the Idol) Babylon to all parts of the earth.

Through Roman-styled government idolatry was instituted everywhere on earth. Idolatry or Babylon was instituted in every nation, tribe, race and language.

The woman Babylon is called Libertas in Rome. But Liberty is meant for her children and those that were initiated into her cult. Others that were neither her children nor members of her cult were her slaves. She was the one enslaving all men, and only her children or her cult members were not enslaved by her.