The Enemies of Christ

Flanking the beast on two sides are the Antichrists and the Jews. These two groups are the enemies of Christ who do not want Christ to reign on earth. The Roman Empire rushed down to cease control and impose its own authority on the Promised Land at the time of the coming of Jesus Christ in order to stop Christ's Rule.

Towards the end of the world, the beast came to overthrow the coming kingdom of God and impose its own authority on the whole earth. He is the one who is asking all the nations of the earth to recognize his sole authority. On one side are the Jews who murdered Jesus, and on the other side are the Antichrists who left the Church.

Antichrist is also false Christ or Pseudo-Christ or Fake Christ or Lucifer. It is a term used to describe all self-acclaimed Christians who left the Catholic Church to found institutions whose doctrines contradict and oppose the doctrine of the Catholic Church. These do not recognize the authority of the Pope and the Catholic Church.

Change in Saturn's Hexagon from blue to gold reveals that the Jews who betrayed and murdered Christ are now transformed to the Antichrist.

Blue Hexagon = the Jews who Killed Christ
Gold Hexagon = the Antichrists

The Church was once one Church and one body of Christ until certain elements opposed the teaching of the Church and went out to found their own Churches. The Church is the body of Christ, and there is only one body of Christ. Although there are many parts of the one body of Christ functioning together, anyone or any group claiming to be a part of the Church, but opposing the teachings of the Catholic Church is really opposing the one body of Christ.

These groups of Christians who are opposed to the Catholic Church were too comfortable with this world, and were not looking forward to the world to come. For them, death is the death of the mortal flesh. We could eat and drink today, then, tomorrow we die. After all, judgment is reserved for those who are in the caskets or in the cemetery. They couldn't grasp the fact that the grave is beyond the casket and the cemetery.

Christ is the only saviour whom God gave once and for all. He is able to save all people from the beginning to the end of Time. No matter where a man is located in Time or History, Christ is able to save him if he calls on him.

The Antichrists do not understand the saving power of Christ or the fact that there is only one saviour and one king who lives forever. He is here now, and he is able to save all people if they call on him now.

Rather than call on the living God, the Antichrists were putting their hope on politicians. They were calling on Rome to help them. They were looking up to the saving power of Caesar instead of Christ. They were looking up to Nebuchadnezzar to save them from their enemies. They placed their trust on the gold statue and said he is the saviour sent from God.

The Day of the Antichrists was scheduled to come before the Day of the Son of Man. During the Day of the Antichrists, 4 is equal to the Antichrist.

4 = False Christ
   = Antichrist
   = Pseudochrist
   = the Enemy of Christ
   = the Enemy of the Universal (Catholic) Church

The Antichrist is the beast whom all the Antichrists are calling their saviour. The beast was scheduled to govern as a false saviour for a while.

The Jews were the first to deny their own salvation. They denied Christ and made themselves slaves of their enemy. They raised up Caesar and brought down Christ. Those who have been preaching and predicting their own redemption couldn't recognize it when it came. They couldn't recognize it because it didn't come the way they were expecting it.

They were looking forward to a saviour who would be a politician or a monarch or a general. Rather, Christ came as a preacher and a teacher. He came as a peaceful, quiet and humble man. He appeared in the most unexpected place on earth. He wasn't commanding people to throw bombs, or shoot bullets. He was teaching about God.

Saturn's blue hexagon in this era was the Jews who brought accusations against Jesus and killed him. This means that 5 is the Jews who killed Jesus.

5 = the Jews

The Jews are the other group standing on the other side of the beast. They are the other face (or the other half) of the beast. They are the ones gathered round the gold statue.

Like brute beast, they opposed anything they do not understand or whatever they understand by natural instinct. They do not seek the Holy Spirit to explain so they could understand the things of God. They are swift to interpret verses of the Holy Bible to mean plenty food on the table, beautiful and expensive clothes, beautiful and expensive cars, money, etc. They are only interested in converting the Word to their immediate needs.

There is a world beyond the immediate needs of man. Following the Word into that world is what brings satisfaction. It is what brings all the other things we have been wishing for.