The Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns

The Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns emerged on April 3, 2017. The beast was scheduled to emerge in its full form at the height of the USA. The height of the USA is the 45th President, and the 45th president has come with the light of Babylon, and the other nations scheduled to reign with the USA for one hour in this light are now united round the bringer of the light.

The light is the light raised up by the Statue of Libertas (Columbia) in New York.

It was necessary for the head of the beast to emerge before the full body of the beast. The description of the beast was restricted to its seven heads and ten horns, and from the seven heads and ten horns the other parts of the body f the beast will be revealed.

Capitoline (Capitol) Hill is the most prominent head of the beast, and this head has emerged at the height – the 45th – floor of the Tower of Babylon.

Capitoline Hill is one of the Seven Hills of Rome. This means that there are six other hills apart from Capitol Hill. Since Capitol Hill is the USA, the six other hills are six other nations. The leaders of these six other nations were described as six kings.

Each of the six nations or the six leaders is a hill of the other six hills of the Seven Hills of Rome. The six nations and the Capitol (Capitoline) Hill constitute the Seven Heads of the Beast. Like Rome was the powerhouse of the earth during the era of the Roman Empire, these seven nations are the power house of the earth. This means that the Seven Hills of Rome have emerged the second time. The word of God said it will come; it has come.

The Seven Hills or the Seven Heads or the Seven Kings are now the following seven nations:
1.      The United States of America
2.      France
3.      Germany
4.      Italy
5.      Japan
6.      United Kingdom
7.      Canada

The Seven Heads of the Beast are called the Group of Seven or the G-7. These nations are the richest, the most influential and the most powerful nations on earth. They were the rulers of the earth, and they constitute the power house of the beast.

In alliance with the G-7 (or the Group of Seven) are the Ten Horns. The seat of the ten horns is in the G-7 as the European Union. The presence of the European Union in the G-7 is a way of representing Europe’s ten constitutional monarchies in the head of the beast.

The ten monarchies were identified as the ten horns.  The ten horns are:

Note that although Andorra and the Vatican City were listed as parts of the monarchies in Europe, they were not parts of the ten constitutional monarchies in Europe. In fact, they belonged to the Church. Andorra and the Vatican City were headed by Bishops.

Europe’s ten constitutional monarchies and the G-7 constitute the beast with seven heads and ten horns.

This means that the Seven Hills of Rome has re-emerged as the eighth World Power; but this time, on a global scale. Rome has risen to rule the earth the second time. The Roman Empire has been spreading out secretly and quietly. Now, its light is the light of the world. The Romans have finally conquered the whole earth, and are now ruling from coast to coast.

The sum of the six World Powers is equal to the USA like the sum of the other six hills is equal to the Capitoline Hill. The six World Powers are France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The foundation was Rome; therefore, Greece and the other World Powers before it were not included in the final list of the Seven Heads. Greece, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Egypt couldn’t rise to the height of the seven most powerful nations on earth because they belong to the Ancient world.