Satan's Head Crushed

Satan's head, the peak of the earth, is exactly under the lowest level of heaven. Satan's dark kingdom is the footstool on which heaven stands. Satan's Kingdom developed from its lowest level 655 to its height 666.

This means that 655 is where the feet of Satan is, and 666 is the position of his head. The next level above 666 is 766 which is the abode of the lowest level of Heaven. Therefore Heaven is standing on Satan's head and all God's people are standing on the head of Satan and his agents.

While there were seven hills, Capitoline Hill was equal to the sum of the other six hills. This means that

Capitoline Hill = 6 Hills
                         = 6 Heads

Since Capitoline Hill is equal to 6 Hills, it therefore means that the product of the sum of the six hills is equal to the reflection of the Capitoline Hill. The Capitoline Hill is the object, and the other six hills are its reflection in a mirror. Since the number of the six hills is 6, Capitoline Hill is equal to 6.

Capitoline Hill = 6
Six Hills           = 6

Capitoline Hill and the six hills are equal to 66. The mirror between them is the one person.

One Person = 1

6 is distributed on the right and left sides of the one person, therefore the one person is represented by the number 616. This means that the number of the beast while he was still the Seven Hills of Rome is 616.

There were three persons in the beast like there is the Blessed Trinity. The three persons are 3×6. This means that the three persons constitute the three sides or the three angles of the Devil’s Triangle. In the Devil’s Triangle, 6 is distributed as the three sides or the three wings or the three angles of the Devil’s Triangle.

There was only one person of the three persons of the Devil’s Triangle in the Ancient World. The one person was king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. The Number of the Beast at the time of King Nebuchadnezzar was 655.

6 = Nebuchadnezzar

The second person emerged from Rome, and there were two persons in the beast. The second person was also represented by 6 and the Number of the Beast while the throne of the Dragon was Rome was 665. The second person in the Devil’s Triangle was Nero.

6 = Nebuchadnezzar = First Person
6 = Nero                    = Second Person

The godless activities of the Devil will not be complete until the third person emerges.

The throne of the third person in the Devil’s Triangle is the 8th Hill. The 8th Hill is one of the seven hills, and the head of the beast. We know that the head was found in the Capitoline Hill, therefore the 8th Hill is the same as the Capitoline Hill.

Capitoline Hill in English is Capitol Hill.

This means that the Capitol Hill is the 8th head (Hill) of the beast, which is one of the seven hills (the seven heads).

Capitol Hill = Capitoline Hill

The Capitol Hill is the 8th head of the beast scheduled to emerge after the reign of the 7 heads of the beast.

Godless activities have been developing in the Capitol Hill until it is full-blown at the end of Time. The fullness of the 8th Hill corresponds to the emergence of the third person. At this stage, the Number of the Beast has attained the height 666.

6 = Nebuchadnezzar = First Person
6 = Nero                    = Second Person
6 = Gold Head           = Third Person

The first two persons are the father and the son in the beast, while the third person is the spirit. The spirit means that the characters of the father and the son were combined to form the third person. The third person was the gold statue King Nebuchadnezzar commanded everyone to worship, while the second person was Belshazzar (Nebuchadnezzar’s Son).

Belshazzar             = Bel
Nebuchadnezzar    = Nebu (pronounced Nebo)

Therefore, the first person is Nebo, the second person is Bel, and the third person is ‘Bel and Nebo’. Bel and Nebo were the Idols of Babylon scheduled to be carried away on the back of a Donkey.

Nero was named after his father Nebo. The difference was the pronunciation.

666 is the peak of the earth. The next level after 666 is the lowest level of heaven 766. The lowest level is the level of the knowledge of God the Father only.

God is perfect, and His true identity is the perfection 777. It was mankind that was climbing the ladder of the knowledge of God to perfection. The next level after 766 is 776. 776 is also written 717; where the first 7 is the Father, the second 7 is the Son, and 1 is the mirror between the Father and His image (the Son).

At the beginning of the New Testament the world was at 717 or 776; while during the Time of the Old Testament, the world was at 766. And the next (and final) level of the knowledge of God is 777. 777 is the level of total freedom for God’s People.

The presence of 6 in the knowledge of God available to man was an affliction to the people of God. It was the presence of 6 that made it possible for the Devil to afflict even those who are worshiping in the House of God. Total eradication of 6 from the things of God is total freedom for the House of God and all God’s People.
Everyone on earth was under the power of 666, and the first stage towards freedom was 766. 766 was the knowledge of God available on earth during the era of the 12 Tribes of Israel or during the time of the Old Testament or during the era of the Law. During this time, the curses and punishments recorded in the Old Testament brought disasters on the earth.

The next stage towards freedom was 776. 776 was the era of the Apostles or the New Testament. Although the people of God were free during this era, the freedom was not complete. There was a promise. The promise was that the Advocate sent from God will come and lead them from 776 to 777 (absolute freedom).