Jesus Lifted up from the Earth to the Sky

Towards the end of time, the Catholic Church transformed to the image of Mary. Christ was incubated in the Church; and at the end of time, Christ emerged from the Church and ascended into the sky.

Anyone still in doubt whether Christ ascended into heaven or not should look up. The Holy Bible is now opened across the sky. The orientation of the sun, the stars, the moon and everything in space are now tilted towards the prophecies of the world recorded in the Holy Bible. The arrangement and the movement of the stars at night are now governed by the principle of the prophecies recorded in the Holy Bible. We will be opening the Holy Bible to explain these things.

Look Up! Raise up your heads! Your Salvation is here!

The sky is the history of the earth, and the stories recorded in the Holy Bible are the stories of the nations of the earth. We have come to understand that Rome was the height of the sky during the era of the Roman Empire. The area where Rome was founded was at the core of the sky. It was the center of our Solar System, and our Solar System is the center of the universe.

All the gods and Idols of Rome have fallen! their Temples have fallen! Babylon has fallen!

Christ has been traveling across the history of the earth - from the beginning of the world to the end of the world. True Christians have been in him, and the various postures of the Church over the centuries were different characteristics of the people of God recorded in the Holy Bible.

He had been enduring in his body the afflictions of the Devil. He was to remain on earth until God has completely placed all his enemies under his feet. 

Once he had completed his journey round the history of the earth, he was lifted up into the sky. During his journey round the history of the world, he went to all corners of the earth to preach to all peoples. He was in the hearts of the missionaries who went into dangerous territories to preach.

The missionaries were his cells, and every group in the Church was a specialized system, organ or tissue in the body of Christ. Every part of the body was doing its work.

Christ is born, and he has taken his throne in the sky. Now he stands on the heads of all those who desperately fought against him while he was on earth.

All the works of the nations were piled up to the height of the earth. The work of God starts from where the works of the nations stops.

None of the rulers on earth wanted to be under the rule of the Church. While Nebuchadnezzar's Army from the World of the Dead were fighting desperately to re-instate Ancient Babylon, the rulers of the earth and their agents were trying to infiltrate the body of Christ by imposing contents of their constitution as part of the Doctrine of the Church.

Although the Holy Bible is clearly against perversion, the rulers of the earth tried desperately to force perversion on the Church. The Babylonians began to pressurize their government to impose perversion on the Church. Some Christians did fall to it, and they were numbered among those whom the tail of the Dragon dragged from the sky down to the earth.