Capitoline Hill

The Capitoline Hill is the political and pagan headquarter of the Roman Empire, and the most important of the Seven Hills of Rome.

The seven heads of the beast were seven hills called The Seven Hills of Rome. Capitoline Hill was earlier dedicated to Satan:

The hill was earlier known as Mons Saturnius, dedicated to the god Saturn. - Wikipedia

The god Saturn = Satan the Devil

Pagan worship and idolatry at the Capitoline Hill were contrary to God; therefore worship activities at the Capitoline Hill were toward Hell. Hell is the other side of Planet Saturn reserved for those who opposed called. They opposed God by worshiping those who are not gods, and by persecuting Christians.

When they looked up to Planet Saturn, they didn't see the light of Christ; rather, they saw Satan and thought Satan was God. In delusion, they began to offer offerings and sacrifices to him. They couldn't see Christ because the contents of their hearts blinded them from knowing the truth.

Capitoline Hill was the Head or the Summit of the Seven Hills of Rome:

Ancient sources refer the name to caput ("head", "summit") and the tale was that, when laying the foundations for the temple, the head of a man was found. - Wikipedia

This means that the Capitoline Hill is the Headquarter or the most prominent hill of the seven hills of Rome. It also means that the Capitoline Hill is the Head of the Serpent scheduled to be crushed by the Son of the Catholic Church.

Son of the catholic Church = the product of the Catholic Church
Catholic Church = Mary
Son of the Catholic Church = Son of Mary 

The Capitoline Hill was the host of the most important Temple in the Roman Empire - Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus:

"Temple of Jupiter Best and Greatest on the Capitoline") was the most important temple in Ancient Rome, located on the Capitoline Hill. It had a cathedral-like position in the official religion of Rome, and was surrounded by the Area Capitolina, a precinct where certain assemblies met, and numerous shrines, altars, statues, and victory trophies were displayed. - Wikipedia

The Capitoline Hill was the head or summit of the worship of the Dragon, small wonder it was described as the head of a man (the gold head) and the head of the Dragon (the Tolus).

Ancient sources refer the name to caput ("head", "summit") and the tale was that, when laying the foundations for the temple, the head of a man was found. Some sources even saying it was the head of some Tolus or Olus. The Capitolium was regarded by the Romans as indestructible, and was adopted as a symbol of eternity. - Wikipedia

 The Capitoline Hill was scheduled to re-emerge as the last Word Power on earth before the coming of the Kingdom of God. The last World Power on Earth was the United States of America and the Capitoline Hill is the Capitol Hill. The word Capitoline was replaced by the word Capitol in English.

Influenced by Roman architecture and Roman republican times, the word Capitolium still lives in the English word capitol. The Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. is widely assumed to be named after the Capitoline Hill, but the causation is not clear. - Wikipedia

Sitting on the Capitol Hill was the Idol Libertas (Columbia). Capitol Hill was the head or summit of the beast carrying Libertas (Columbia) from one place to another, and imposing her on the rest of the world. Libertas (Columbia) is the woman named Babylon whose statue stands tall in New York. Her statue is the Statue of Liberty (Libertas).

Babylon (Columbia) sits on the Capital City of the earth, and the Capital City was called District of Babylon (Columbia).

Capitoline Hill was the 8th World Power scheduled to appear in the future. Although the eighth hill was only a single hill, it is equal to the sum of the Seven Hills of Rome.

8th Hill = Sum of Seven Hills of Rome

This means that the 8th Hill is the same as the Seven Hills of Rome (or the beast wit

Capitoline Hill is the Capital of the Empire of the Beast. This means that it is as well the Capital of the Earth, considering that the throne of the beast is the seat of the Ruler of the Earth. Small wonder the Capitoline Hill was also called the Capitol or the Capital.

The Capitals of all countries and all nations and all kingdoms on earth are branches of the Capitol (Capitoline Hill). This means that the Idol Columbia (Babylon) sits on the governments of all peoples on earth through her District – the District of Columbia. Capitol Hill (Capitoline Hill) was imposing her on the governments of other nations, and the governments of those nations were imposing her on their own people.
h seven heads reborn).

Capitol Hill had been emerging; it wasn't to be until it is full-blown. At 45, the Capitol hill has reached its height. At its height, it will begin to reflect the image of the Roman Empire. The Senate will be extremely corrupt, immoral, desperate, and kin to use violence to impose their rule on the rest of the world.