Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia Means Holy Wisdom or Divine Wisdom. It is the brightest and most brilliant thing God created; hence it is the brightest star in the sky.

What was famous as Planet Venus was the brightness of the Wisdom of God. To understand this knowledge of God, we begin from the known to the unknown. What was known on earth was Venus; hence Holy Wisdom is explained from the basic knowledge about the Planet Venus. The basic knowledge about Venus is that Venus is the second planet from the Sun.

Venus = Second Planet
           = 2
           = Holy wisdom (Hagia Sophia)
           = 4 + 5
           = Mars + Jupiter
           = New Testament + Old Testament

Mars = Fourth Planet
          = 4
          = Square
          = St. Peter’s Square
          = West
          = Vatican City
          = Catholic Church

Saturn = Sixth Planet
            = 6
            = Hexagram (Hexagon)
            = Judaism

Jupiter = Fifth Planet
            = 5
            = Pentagram (Pentagon)
            = Eastern Orthodox Church
            = Constantinople
            = East

Total magnitude = 2 + 4 + 6 + 5
                           = 17

2 Halves = John (5) and Jesus (4)
                = 2
                = East and West

John is substituted by Jesus (When John's Disciples became Disciples of Jesus):
JOHN = 5
        5 = J(1) E(2) S(3) U(4) S(5)
           = 5 Letters

Since Jesus = Five Letters, therefore,
JOHN (4 Letters) = JESUS (5 Letters)

John in the circle is 6 to 2.
6 = Saturn (Judaism), 2 = Venus (Holy Wisdom), therefore,

Holy Wisdom = Hagia Sophia
This means that John is Jerusalem (6) to Constantinople (2).

First Half = John
                 = 6 to 2
                 = Wailing Wall to Hagia Sophia
                 = Jerusalem to Constantinople
                 = Hexagram (Hexagon) to Pentagram (Pentagon)
                 = Saturn to Venus
                 = East

Second Half = Jesus
                     = 2 to 6
                     = Hagia Sophia to St. Peter’s Square
                     = Constantinople to the Vatican City
                     = Pentagram (Pentagon) to the Cross (Square)
                     = Venus to Saturn
                     = West

5 + 4 = East + West
         = 5 Planets + 4 Planets
         = Nine Planets
         = Solar System
         = God’s Holy Mountain
         = Mount Zion

Since 5 = Eastern Orthodox Church, and 4 = Catholic Church,
5 + 4 = Eastern Orthodox Church + Catholic Church
          = God’s Holy Mountain
          = Mount Zion
Mars itself is equal to the glory of the Solar System. The magnitude of Mars is equal to 4, and 4 is equal to the square. The square is equal to the circle (Glory) of the Solar System.

Solar System = Circle
                      = Glory

Mars = Square
         = Church

Circle = Square

The Solar System is the circle – the circle of Glory. The circle is a square – the Church. And the square or circle is made up of two halves – the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Church.
The Eastern Orthodox Church is the Church of John. And the Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus, who came after John.

Though John was born first, and his ministry began before the coming of Jesus, John himself said that Jesus is greater than he was:

“He is coming after me, but I am not good enough even to untie his sandals” (John 1:27)

He is coming after me: the Orthodox Church is older than the Catholic Church
But I am not good enough even to untie his sandals: the Catholic Church is Greater

Yet the two churches are two halves constituting the one Church. The one Church is the one Glory (one Solar System). It is one square where all God’s people are gathered.

One Glory (one circle) = One Square
                                     = One Church

The brightness of Venus represents the brightness of the one Church. And 2 in Venus means that the one Church is made up of two Churches.

The Son of Man coming from the East to the West is a reference to the two halves of the same circle (glory). It represents the historical flow of the Wisdom of God from Constantinople to the Vatican City.
Divine Wisdom was cultivated in Constantinople; then was lifted up from the surface of the earth, traveling through history until it came down at the Vatican City.

The two halves are two right angled triangles, and each triangle represents the Blessed Trinity.

The two halves are two planets: Jupiter (5) and Mars (4). Planet Jupiter is represented by the five-sided polygon – the Pentagon.

When the five edges of the Pentagon are joined, the Constantine Cross is formed:

5 = Pentagon or Pentagram

Pentagon or Pentagram is abbreviated as P. Therefore P is used to substitute 5.

Pentagon (Pentagram) = 5
                                     = P

5 = Pentagon (Pentagram)
   = P
   = Rho
× = Cross (Multiplication Cross)
    = Chi


Constantine Cross = Pentagram (P) Cross (×)
                              = Pentagram (Rho) Cross (Chi)
                              = Chi-Rho
                              = Altar of Fire

Chi-Rho is the Altar of Fire of God’s Wisdom. It is the Capital City of God, and the host of the most sophisticated and most powerful military in the universe. The military wing is Pentagon (P). When the enemies of God were gathered, in the final battle, to fight against the Divine Wisdom of God, fire came down from the Pentagon and destroyed them all.

Fire came down from heaven and destroyed them.” (Revelation 20:9)

Throughout the history of the world, the enemies of God fought desperately against the cultivation of Holy Wisdom on earth. They fought against Holy Wisdom in Jerusalem until the Temple of God left Jerusalem and landed in Constantinople. The Devil and his agents led their armies against Constantinople until Hagia Sophia (Divine Wisdom) lifted up from Constantinople and landed in Rome. Then the Devil and his army came and fought against the cultivation of Divine Wisdom (Holy Wisdom) in Rome until it was lifted up from Rome and taken to Africa. Dark Forces of the Devil launched a spiritual warfare against Holy Wisdom in Africa until she was lifted from the earth into the sky.

The Devil and his agents were always surrounding and attacking wherever Holy Wisdom was being cultivated.
“They spread out over the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people and the city that he loves” (Revelation 20:9)

Surrounded the camp of God’s people - the Devil automatically declares enemy any nation or people or individual God chooses as his own.
The City that he loves: Jerusalem

They launched war against Jerusalem to destabilize and prevent it from pursuing Holy Wisdom. They were always fighting against God’s people in all corners of the earth.

Holy wisdom is Light and Joy to the Godly. But to the godless (the wicked), it is a lake of fire and sulphur:
“Then the Devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur.”(Revelation 20:10)

Holy Wisdom – Hagia Sophia - is fire and sulphur reigning down from heaven on the godless (the wicked).

Planet Mars is represented by the two-sided polygon – the Square.

The Cross is formed when the four edges of the square are joined.

·         The square is equal to Mary, the Mother of Jesus
·         The Cross is equal to Jesus, the Son of Mary
·         Mary is pregnant with Jesus like the Cross is contained in the square